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Aug 30

FDNY Proposes New Fire Life Safety Training For Existing Fire Safety Directors

FDNY Proposes New Fire Life Safety Training For Existing Fire Safety Directors

fire life safety director flsThe New York Fire Department (FDNY) has issued a proposal to amend Section 113-01 of Title 3 of the Rules of the City of New York to require that all Fire Safety Directors be trained in Active Shooter and Medical Emergency response. This will affect all FSD and FSD/EAPD certificate holders. The FDNY is holding a public hearing on September 19th and the new laws may go into effect by October 2016. For more information see

In 2014 Local Law No. 148 replaced the certificate of fitness license requirements for Fire Safety / EAP Directors in commercial offices and hotels. The amended certificate of fitness requirements will now require that existing Fire Safety and EAP Directors obtain a new Fire Life Safety FLS Director certification no later than March 2017.

All New York City Fire Safety Directors and Emergency Action Plan Directors will be required to complete an additional four hours of training on how to respond to Active Shooter and Medical Emergencies. All FSDs will also be required to pass a written exam.

We are pleased to announce a wide range of conveniently scheduled course dates for the new Fire Life Safety (FLS) Director training classes. Our school has unparalleled experience with Fire Life Safety and Active Shooter response training at our convenient midtown location. We also offer private group classes where you can choose the date and time for a group of ten or more people. You can learn more by reviewing our web site: