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Emergency Action Plan Staff Training

Emergency Action Plan Staff Training

FS/EAP Staff shall receive initial training in the contents of the fire safety and evacuation plan and emergency action plan upon commencement of their authority and duties in the building. Such staff shall participate in training sessions designed to familiarize them with their duties pursuant to the plan in accordance with the frequency set forth in Tables 406.2(1) and 406.2(2), as applicable. A written record of such staff training shall be maintained in a bound log book with consecutive numbered pages, or other form of approved recordkeeping, and maintained on the premises for a period of 3 years and made available for inspection by department representatives. An entry shall be made in such log book for each training session conducted.

The following  individuals identified in an emergency action plan who are responsible for the implementation of such plan, are required to be trained.

  • Semi-Annual Training
    • Fire Safety/EAP Director
    • Deputy Fire Safety/EAP Director,
    • Fire Safety/EAP Building Evacuation Supervisor
  • Annual Training
    • Fire Safety/EAP Wardens, Deputy Fire Safety/EAP Wardens
    • Fire Safety/EAP Brigade.