Fire Drills

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Fire Drills (Local Law 5/73)

The primary reason for conducting office building fire drills is to educate building occupants about the procedures to follow in the event of a fire. These drills provide an opportunity for occupants to locate and use primary and alternative exit routes, and to familiarize themselves with any alarm system components found on their floor such as manual pull boxes and warden phones. Fire drills are the time to not only prepare for fire, but to enable employees to be better able to handle the many other non-fire situations they may encounter.

Class B Office Building Fire Drills

Fire drills must be conducted every six (6) months on each floor of the building. When conducting drills, all occupants must participate in the drill. Records of such drills must be maintained in a log book for three (3) years.

Buildings with new Fire Safety Plans must conduct a floor drill every 3 months for the first 2 years
Hotels and Motels : Fire drills in hotels and motels must be conducted for staff quarterly on each shift. Hotel guests are not required to participate in these sessions. Records of such drills must be maintained in a log book for three (3) years.

We provide log books to meet the FDNY fire safety record keeping requirements.

To learn more about Fire Drills for your hotel, motel, or commercial building please call 212-285-2400 for further information.