Fire Safety Coordinator

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Fire Safety Coordinator

Upcoming Fire Safety Coordinator Training Schedule

Date Time Register Here
Private Group Class Weekdays 9am-5pm Call Fire Safety Directors

Fee: $150.00 per person. This includes all course materials.
Call Fire Safety DirectorsGroups of 10 or more can schedule private group training at your location, or in our convenient midtown class room – and may qualify for a discount based on the headcount.
fire-safety-coordinator-churchesA Fire Safety Coordinator is required in buildings occupied by more than 15 people and used more than 30 days a year for housing. A Coordinator is required in auditoriums, churches, schools, community centers, shelters, and other such buildings used for housing. This requirement does not include buildings such as hotels, motels, offices and apartment buildings. The Coordinator is hired by the program administrator or agency having charge of the occupancy to ensure that the fire safety plan is implemented and that all fire safety regulations are obeyed on the premises.

Fire Safety Coordinators must be knowledgeable in basic firefighting procedures and the applicable fire protection features found in their buildings. These devices include the fire alarm, sprinkler and standpipe systems and fire extinguishers.

Individuals in buildings used to house them depend on Fire Safety Coordinators to help protect them. Our instructors make every effort to ensure the FSC is more than capable of this task.

After completing the course, candidates must take and pass (70%) the Fire Safety Coordinator F-80 exam (50 multiple choice questions) at FDNY Headquarters at 9 MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, New York.