Spring – Summer 2014 Fire Safety Director Classes – Fire Safety Coordinator Course – CSFSM class

Spring – Summer 2014 Fire Safety Director Classes – Fire Safety Coordinator Course – CSFSM class

Spring – Summer 2014 Fire Safety Director Classes – Fire Safety Coordinator Course – CSFSM class

Fire Safety Directors is pleased to announce our Spring – Summer 2014 Fire Safety Director Class, Fire Safety Coordinator Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Course, and Emergency Action Plan Director Training

Fire Safety Director Classes
fire safety director classSince its adoption in 1973, New York City Local Law 5 has mandated that all Class E office buildings have a Fire Safety Director (FSD) in the building at all times during business hours or at any time that the building is occupied by more than 100 persons. The FSD is responsible for implementing the building’s Fire Safety Plan in the event of a fire or smoke condition. The position of Fire Safety Director is an integral part of the Fire Department of the City of New York’s (FDNY) strategy to ensure the safety of the occupants of high rise office buildings. The procedure to become an FSD begins with taking a 20 hour course of instruction from a school accredited by the FDNY. Our Training Academy has been accredited to provide this training by the FDNY and offers classes throughout the year.
To register for a Fire Safety Director course visit http://firesafetydirectors.com/classes/fire-safety-director/
Dates                        Time
Apr 14th-18th        9am-1pm
May 19th-23rd       9am-1pm
Jun 16th-20th        9am-1pm
Jul 14th-18th         9am-1pm
Aug11th-15th         9am-1pm

Fire Safety Coordinator Course
A Fire Safety Coordinator is required in buildings occupied by more than 15 people and used more than 30 days a year for housing. A Coordinator is required in auditoriums, churches, schools, community centers, shelters, and other such buildings. This requirement does not include buildings such as hotels, motels, offices and apartment buildings. Fire Safety Coordinators must be knowledgeable in basic firefighting procedures and the applicable fire protection features found in their buildings. These devices include the fire alarm, sprinkler and standpipe systems and fire extinguishers. After completing the course, candidates must take and pass (70%) the Fire Safety Coordinator F-80 exam (50 multiple choice questions) at FDNY Headquarters at the MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, New York.
Dates                 Time
May 6th          9am-1pm
May 27th        9am-1pm
Jun 24th         9am-1pm
Jul 22nd         9am-1pm
Aug 7th          9am-1pm
To register for a Fire Safety Coordinator course visit  http://firesafetydirectors.com/classes/fire-safety-coordinator/

Construction Site Fire Safety Manager
The position of Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (CSFSM) was created in response to a number of tragic incidents that occurred at construction sties within the City of New York. FDNY regulations now require the presence of a CSFSM at all construction sties identified by the Department of Buildings of the City of New York. In order to acquire a Certificate of Fitness as a Construction Site Safety Manager an individual must attend a seven (7) hour training program conducted by a qualified instructor at a school accredited to teach the program by the FDNY. We are accredited to teach this course.
Date                    Time
May 10th        9am-5pm
Jun 21st         9am-5pm
Aug 9th          9am-5pm

Emergency Action Plan Directors Course
Local Law 26 of 2004 required that the Fire Commissioner adopt standards, procedures and requirements for the orderly evacuation of occupants from any office building, including evacuation of persons necessitated by explosion, biological, chemical or hazardous material incidents or releases, natural disasters or other emergency, or the threat thereof.
The final rule requires that owners of office buildings develop procedures for sheltering in place, in-building relocation, partial evacuation and full evacuation of the building, in response to various emergency scenarios. The final rule sets forth specific guidelines and requirements for the form and content of the Emergency Action Plan. The final rule requires the designation of a Fire Safety EAP Director to be authorized to implement the Emergency Action Plan.
Dates                   Time
May 6th          8:30am-5pm
Jun 12th        8:30am-5pm
Jul 10th         8:30am-5pm
Aug 5th          8:30am-5pm
To register for a Emergency Action Plan Directors course visit  http://firesafetydirectors.com/classes/emergency-action-plan-director/

For further information call 212-285-2400 or visit http://www.FireSafetyDirectors.com

To view our press release visit http://www.prlog.org/12303918-spring-summer-2014-fire-safety-director-classes-fire-safety-coordinator-course-csfsm-class.html

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