The FDNY Announces Certificate of Fitness Test Scheduling Online

The FDNY Announces Certificate of Fitness Test Scheduling Online

The New York City FDNY recently announced an enhancement to their website that enables certificate of fitness candidates to schedule tests online.

certificate of fitness testTests for which Fire Safety Directors offers training courses include:

F-80: Coordinator of Fire Safety & Alarm Systems in Homeless Shelters
S-56: Construction Site Fire Safety Manager
Z-50: Consolidated Fire Safety Director
Z-59: Emergency Action Plan / Fire Safety Director
S-12: City Wide Sprinkler Systems
S-13: City Wide Standpipe System
S-14: Standpipe for Multi-Zone System

One of the key requirements of each examination is that applicants must obtain a graduation diploma from a NYC certified school by participating in an approved training course. Fire Safety Directors offers classes for:

Fire Safety Coordinators
– Next classes June 24th, July 22nd

Construction Site Fire Safety Managers
– Next classes June 28th, August 9th

Fire Safety Directors
– Next classes July 10th, August 5th

Emergency Action Plan Directors
– Next class June 28th, August 9th

Each examination has specific requirements that must be met before the FDNY accepts an online registration. These requirements are outlined in the Notice of Examination, links to which can be found at this URL:

To view an upcoming schedule of our Fire and Life Safety courses in Midtown New York City please visit:

Our website offers online registration for individuals and we offer private classes for groups of 10 or more students. Call 212-285-2400 for additional assistance.

View our press release.

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